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Sai Sports Day 2018 – SA Region

Come along to Sai Sports Day 2018. An enjoyable afternoon of ports, board games, group activities and fun. The afternoon will also include a service activity for winter. All ages can participate. Bring some snacks and wear comfortable clothes.

All are welcome!!!

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Sai Surendranath’s Talks – Video

Sai Surendranath is currently on tour in Australia. Visiting various States. He is sharing his life time experiences with Swami.

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Easwaramma Day Celebration – Victoria Region

Victoria Region celebrated Easwaramma Day on the 6th of May. The SSE children have actively participated and even more the effort our children put in for so that we all could witness Swami’s message through His instruments.

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Universal Spirituality Program focused on Human Values – June 2018

Sathya Sai Centre of Hurstville invites all interested in participating in a program that explores the spiritual value and application of the key values that are enshrined in all the faiths; Love, Peace, Truth, Righteousness and Non-violence.

They meet every 1st Thursday of the month at Hurstville South Public School Hall, Cnr King Georges Rd., & Maher St., Hurstville. NSW. The next meeting takes place from 7.45 pm until 9.10 pm, Thursday, 7th June 2018.

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ACT Region Service Opportunity – Birthing Kit Assembly Day

ACT Region’s Sai Young Adults and the Service Wing very warmly invites all to attend the Birthing Kit Assembly Day on Saturday, 26 May 2018. The activity consists of the assembling of life-saving birthing kits for use by women in remote and developing countries.

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Araadhana Mahotsavam Celebrations Victoria East & West 2018

Victoria Region East & West jointly celebrated Araadhana Mahotsavam at Boxhill Town Hall on Tuesday 24th April.

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Easwaramma SSE Day Celebrations – Toowoomba, QLD

Easwaramma Day Celebrations held in Toowoomba on 6th of May 2018. The morning consisted of fun and games (based on values) with the SSE children who were later joined by the wider community and elders which also took part in a ‘serve the planet’ activity. This was followed by morning tea and joke telling

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My Sai and I – ACT

‘My Sai and I’ is a series of enchanting sessions drawing on intimate experiences with Sathya Sai Baba. The program has been developed to allow followers of Sai Baba to deepen their love and connection and the understanding of His teachings.

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SSE Teacher training programme

A 6-day SSE Teacher training programme will be conducted in NSW during June 2018.
This programme is open to those who wish become Sai Spiritual Education Teachers within the Sathya Sai International Organisation of Australia & PNG.

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Victoria Region Bulletin, May-June 2018


Victoria Region East and West issue a monthly Unity Bulletin listing service events, celebrations, home devotional singing and a full listing of Sai Centres and Groups.

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