The object of the Sathya Sai International Organisation (worldwide) is to reveal the inherent divinity within, by providing opportunities for selfless service.

In the late seventies a handful of people in Sydney and around Australia became aware of Sri Sathya Sai Baba as a Supreme Holy Man through the writings of an Australian by name Howard Murphet. Those in Sydney devoted to Sathya Sai Baba started meeting regularly at the residences of Jack and Pearl Harrison in Greenacre and Lyn Penrose’s home in Balmain. The early years of the eighties witnessed the emergence of more Sai Groups and Centres. There was no official organisation in Australia at the time, until Sri Indulal Shah (Chair of the then World Council) visited Sydney in March 1983. In addition to a public meeting held at the University of New South Wales, Sri Indulal Shah met with some of the key devotees a few times at the Pavan residence in Homebush, to set up an interim Coordinating Committee for the Sathya Sai Organisation in Sydney and surrounds.

The Sathya Sai International Organisation of Australia and Papua New Guinea has since grown to have groups and centers in every state of Australia, and in Papua New Guinea. There is a Sathya Sai School in NSW with a primary campus and a secondary campus.


The Sathya Sai International Organisation of Australia and Papua New Guinea is led by a Central Coordinator, and has regions in every state. The Presidents of each region form the Central Council, which is the governing body of the Organisation.

There are three main wings of the Organisation, Spiritual, Education and Service. Later on, the Ladies program and the Young Adults program were added.


The structure of the Sathya Sai Organisation is as follows:

Central Coordinator

The Central Coordinator receives reports and advice from the Central Council and and from appointed task committees. The Central Coordinator is assisted by:-

  • Deputy Coordinators
  • The President of the National Council
  • The Secretary and other executive officers
  • Special Task Committees, Consultants and Advisors

National Council

The National Council deals with the day to day matters of the Sai Organisation and oversight of state and national projects. This council comprises:-

  • The President of the National Council and his or her Deputy
  • Regional Presidents in each state
  • Wing and Program Coordinators and Advisors
  • Committee Chair, Conference Coordinator, Secretary and special task or activity members who are appointed to the National Council due the task involved.


There are several wings in the Sai Organisation conduct the activities where devotees and spiritual aspirants come together to do selfless service, study the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba, engage in devotional activities and have community service activities together. These comprise

  • Spiritual Wing
  • Education Wing
  • Service Wing
  • Ladies Program
  • Young Adults Program


Other activities in the Sathya Sai Organisation of Australia and Papua New Guinea include:

  • Conferences
  • Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Programs
  • Environmental Initiatives
  • Family Camps
  • Education Camps
  • Youth Camps