connect Saturday- 9 am Sleep? OR, Saturday- 9 am Service? It may be a common dilemma for many but for the Sai youth, the answer is service. This is the answer that we have been gifted with, by our beloved Swami.

An organisation by the name of Homeless Connect had approached a member of our Organisation and had sought our help to make hygiene packs for the homeless in Sydney. We had several boxes available and ready to be packed by the youth on a beautiful Saturday morning. While listening to beautiful Bhajans on Radio Sai, the awesome youth of Region West set up an effective system which allowed us to get the job done in less than 3 hours.

Each hygiene pack or pencil case contained a hand towel, razors, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and tissue packs – things that most people if not all cannot imagine living without. We often live our lives not realising that there are people, who do not have the basic necessities to look after themselves- even in our own community.

The issue of homelessness is often overlooked, thus, these service projects truly remind us that we need to address the issues that are at our doorstep. The positive and uplifting energy during this project truly underpinned the fact that while it may be the homeless that benefit from these

hygiene packs, ultimately, we are the ones who get the chance to serve humanity and for that, we say thank you Swami.