birthing41 The Sai Young Adults are an integral part of the Sathya Sai International Organisation and follow their program enthusiastically. In all states, Sai Youth participate in a special offering to Swami – the preparation of birthing kits for those giving birth in inhospitable circumstances. Here, one Sai Youth shares the experience and the reflections that came while participating in this service project.

On a clear and bright Saturday morning, thirteen youth gathered at IAASA Hall; determined and ready to assemble two hundred birthing kits that would change the lives of many.

The tasks were assigned, the tables and materials arranged, and the youth quickly became absorbed in this charitable act; working diligently and methodically through each stage. I could not help but reflect on the world of good that this simple act would do for those less fortunate women, who fell victim to the devastating consequences of un-sterile childbirth.

The event certainly gave meaning to the well-known phrase “A little goes a long way”. The items of each kit – a plastic sheet, some gauze and string, a pair of gloves, a scalpel blade and a small bar of soap – were common household objects, many of which the majority of us take for granted. It highlighted, to me particularly, how privileged we are and how much potential we have to serve others selflessly.

Two hundred kits later, the celebratory exclamations resounded through the hall and with these came an overwhelming sense of achievement and community. I was deeply honoured and grateful to be a part of this event and I hope to be involved in similar charitable activities in the future.