akhanda Western Australia Region will participate in the Global Devotional Singing, known as Akhanda Bhajan – a continuous singing of the names of the Lord. This will commence on Saturday 14 November, 6PM, at the Rostrata Family Centre, Willetton.

The fish are happy because they are immersed in water; when thrown out of the water, they struggle and suffer mortal pain. So too, man is happy when he is immersed in Love, Peace and Truth; those are the components of the water that gives him life; when he is thrown out of the water, he also suffers and feels terribly miserable. Life is ‘being thrown out of the water’. Spiritual activity is the struggle to leap back into the life-giving element. For success in this struggle do not depend upon another; depend upon yourself and on the Grace of God ~ Sathya Sai Baba, 10 July 1959

Event Details

Program Global Devotional Singing (Akhanda Bhajan)
Date: Saturday 14 November to Sunday 15 November
Time: (24 hours) Saturday 6:00pm to Sunday 6:00pm
Venue: Rostrata Family Centre, Prendwick Way, Willetton
More Information: Sai Rupa: 0433 474 027 or Rama, 0408 308 997

All are welcome

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