bowman1Sathya Sai Baba envisioned a world united, based on the ONENESS of HUMANITY, though distinct in nationalities, cultures and beliefs.

As a first step to fulfil that vision of Baba, the Sathya Sai International Organisation of Australia & PNG (NSW Region West) in collaboration with SydWest Multicultural Services organised a unique function very aptly named, “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”.

The evening extravaganza of music, drama and dance together with sumptuous food and drinks, was held at the Bowman Hall, Blacktown, Sydney on Sunday, the 01st November 2015 from 03.00-05.00pm. An open invitation was extended to all ethnic communities, and the hall was packed with Croatians, Serbians, Italians, Lebanese, Iranians, Indians, Sri Lankans, Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians, Africans, Spanish, and many others. It was a beautiful sight indeed to see such a varied mixture of people of all ages, happily coming together as one family – the family of mankind.

The Guest-of-Honour was the Mayor of Blacktown, The Honourable Stephen Bali who arrived and witnessed the whole program. The Central Coordinator, Mr Krishnan Nair was also present.

The program commenced with the Welcome to Country ceremony by Uncle Greg Simms, an Aboriginal elder from Western Sydney. This was followed by 2 Aboriginal gentlemen who mimicked the sounds of birds and other native animals, and also did a KANGAROO DANCE, which greatly delighted the audience.

The Indigenous representatives of Western Sydney and the Welcome to Country

The Indigenous representatives of Western Sydney and the Welcome to Country

A staff member from Sydwest Multicultural Services, Mrs Marija Derikuca, (Lifestyle Support Advisor) narrated a heart-wrenching description of how she arrived in Australia as a refugee and her hardships in raising a family without the basic knowledge of English. In the end, through sheer hard work and struggle, she attended classes studying various courses in Aged Care and even educated her children through University level. Her determination and difficult life brought tears to the eyes of many.

Next the Director of the Board of SydWest Multicultural Services, Mrs Chandrika Subramaniam gave her welcome address, in which she stressed the Unity of all Faiths, and the importance of respecting each other’s cultures and beliefs in order to maintain and promote peace and harmony.

Play on "The Secret Ingredient"

Play on “The Secret Ingredient”

The finale was a drama entitled “THE SECRET INGREDIENT”. The message driven home by this play was that the ingredient of love can solve and smoothen out human conflicts and relationships. The mini episodes in the play depicted clearly that LOVE is the undercurrent of all human values. The play was well acted, and the whole team of actors and directors must be congratulated for a good production.

The ‘Team Expansion’, the musical group of the Sai Organisation rendered some sweet and lively songs which enlivened the program.

"Team Expansion" sings some lively songs

“Team Expansion” sings some lively songs

The program ended with a ‘LINE DANCE’ performed by an organisation call U3A and in which many from the audience joined in too.

The individual and society are intertwined inextricably. The move by the SAI Organization to bring Baba’s teachings to the wider community is laudable, and should be continued in the future.

Comments by Mayor of Blacktown

Comments made by the Mayor of Blacktown on the Unity in Diversity Event

Comments made by the Mayor of Blacktown on the Unity in Diversity Event

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