90whiteThe Sathya Sai International Organisation of Australia and PNG gives a message on occasion of 90th Birthday of Sathya Sai Baba. It is a message to all devotees of the intimate, central place Swami has in our lives.

90th Birthday Message

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is my special privilege to share with you all in celebrating the 90th year of the advent of our Divine Master and Founder of our Organisation, our beloved Sathya Sai Baba. Swami, as we affectionately call Him, has touched the lives of millions and we celebrate this advent along with our Sai brothers and sisters from all over the world. Our Lord’s Birthday celebrations provide us with a special opportunity to surrender to His loving embrace.

Our relationship with God is the closest relationship we can have. He is ever present in everything around us and in every being including ourselves. He is, in fact, our inner Resident. There is nothing we can do, nothing we can think of or feel that He does not know. At the same time, we have His unconditional love. However, normally in the way we function, we are not aware of His continuous Presence within us, nor of His constant companionship. We are not aware that He is with us, around us, before us, behind us, above us and in us. He knows all our thoughts, feelings, imaginings, aspirations and hang-ups. He knows our dreams, our problems and our ambitions, whether we know and acknowledge this or not. To us, His devotees, He is our Divine Teacher and Guide. This means that we should acknowledge that our relationship with him is the closest relationship we can have – far surpassing any worldly relationship in its purity, closeness and creativity. His relationship with us can lead us out of inner isolation into a world of joy, harmony, peace and love – a world not of struggle and bitterness, but of hope and goodwill in which the underlying Reality of all mankind, of all creation, is One.

Swami often spoke of the importance of faith and confidence. He told us that without unwavering faith, the Divine cannot be experienced. Because of the absence of firm faith, the formal observance of spiritual practices will not yield results. This requires that we, as self-proclaimed Sai devotees, have firm faith in His Name and the image of His beautiful form, and that we dive deep into the ocean of His bliss.

During His time in the physical form, He provided a vast treasure trove of spiritual instruction, much of which is readily available and hardly needs elaborating upon. He also stressed the need to go within and find God there as our Inner Voice, our constant Companion. Now that He is no longer in the physical, it seems so much more important to follow that instruction, to develop our spiritual maturity and to stop seeking God elsewhere. Only then will we constantly experience the treasure of His love. There is little point in paddling aimlessly from one river to another in the hope of finding the ocean.

These beautiful words of Swami’s were printed in Sathya Sai Speaks 6, and are from His Discourse from 26 February 1968.

‘God is the closest, the fondest, the most reliable companion. But man in his blindness, ignores Him and seeks others. God is present everywhere, at all times. He is the most powerful guardian, yet you ignore Him. The Lord is near, loving, accessible, affectionate. The Name will bring Him nearer to you’.

Thank you Swami for giving us your love in our hearts, your peace in our souls, your joy in our lives.

Jai Sai Ram,

Yours in Sai Service
Doug Saunders
Deputy Central Coordinator
23 November 2015


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