youth-workhopThe Sai Young Adults of NSW Region East will conduct a youth workshop on Sunday, 31st of January from 1-6 pm at Dundas Scouts Hall in Dundas Valley. An invitation is extended to all youth in NSW to attend.

There will be presentations about youth identity, self confidence, practical spirituality, leadership coupled with inter-active sessions on a variety of topics. These are topics that we can struggle with when we balance the so called ” Spiritual and Worldly life.”

There will also be a Q&A panel at the end with some of our more experienced youth so if you have any questions about ANYTHING feel free to email or call us and they will be anonymous! If you are thinking about a question, we are pretty sure every other youth is thinking about it as well – PLEASE ASK!

Students! You are the ones who will assume the leadership of the country in future. The future of the nation depends upon you. Your nature and character will decide the character of the nation. You should work for the prosperity of the nation, welfare of the world, and universal happiness. First of all, you must follow the command of the Lord. Therein lies your welfare, as well as the security of the nation and society.” ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Summer Showers in Brindavan, 1996

Event Details

Program: New South Wales Region East – Youth Workshop
Date: Sunday, 31st of January 2016
Time: 1 – 6 pm
Venue: Dundas Scout Hall, cnr Yates Ave and Fullford Sts, Dundas Valley
More Information: Ninthija – 0432 781 698, Sudhagar – 0403 755 846
All youth are welcome

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