On the occasion of the 90th birthday celebrations of Sathya Sai Baba, Sai Youth from across the globe came together to offer their love in the form of a unique and magnificent musical tribute titled ‘One Sai, One World.’

Sai Youth from 50 countries have lovingly created a multilingual garland of devotional songs, sung in 37 languages and regional dialects, to spread Bhagawan’s Love to every corner of the globe.

You can watch a short video overview of the project below:

Placing full faith in Sathya Sai Baba’s words, “Wherever My name is sung, there I shall install Myself“, teams of youth in fifty nations composed, rehearsed and recorded the music in their respective native language, and using local instruments and traditional melodies.

For example, the Youth in Mauritius composed in Creole, while New Zealand offered its tribute in Maori language, and Nigeria’s youth sang in their native Setswana. The pan flutes – featured in Colombia’s offering – were used to represent the vibrant Latin American culture. Similarly, the mandolin used by Bahrain’s youth, and beatboxing by the youth of America demonstrated that Bhagawan’s Love truly knows no boundaries.

One Sai One World‘ was lovingly offering to Swami on the evening of the Divine Birthday, 23rd November 2015, by the Zone Youth Coordinators, representing Sai Youth from around the world. Together with a CD, a presentation booklet was offered, containing the lyrics and English translations of all 90 bhajans.

The booklet that was offered can be downloaded from Dropbox from this link. (Multiple languages, 405 mb)

The entire offering, totaling over six hours of blissful music is available online and can be enjoyed from this link:

All music tracks can be freely downloaded and shared, so that these beautiful bhajans will spread Swami’s Love and His Message to as many people as possible.

The Golden Era of Pure Love

The Golden Era of Pure Love