wa-sivaShivarathri occurs every month. Every year, there is a “maha” or great Shivaratri – upon which – if one engages in spiritual effort on that evening – one’s faults and failings may be erased. The devotees of Western Australia invite you to celebrate the 2016 Maha Shivarathri on evening of 7 March 2016.

Every day during the dark half of the month, the Moon, and symbolically its counterpart in man, the mind – wane, and a fraction is diminished: its power declines. Finally, on the fourteenth night, there is just a wee bit left, that is all. If a little extra effort is made that day by the devotee of the Lord, even that bit can be wiped off and mastery of the mind achieved. The night of the dark half is therefore called Sivarathri, for that night should be spent in the prayer and adoration of Siva, without any other thought either of food or sleep. Then success is assured! And, once a year, on Mahasivarathri night, a special spurt of spiritual activity is recommended, so that what is Shavam (corpse) can become Shivam (God) by the removal of this dross called Manas (mind).
~ Sathya Sai Baba, February 7, 1959

    Event: Western Australia Observance of Maha Shivarathri
    When: Monday 7 March 2016, 6:00pm – 6:00 am Tuesday
    Where: Warwick Community Centre, Dorchester Avenue, Warwick
    Program: Chanting and Devotional Singing
    More Information: Contact Shanthini 0412 331 950 or Saras 0421 897 566

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