living with saiRydalmere Centre of NSW East invites you to participate in a day-retreat at Galston Community Hall on Saturday, 9 April 2016. The theme of this event is Living with the Divine.

Living with the Divine

Swami compares us who chase after worldly achievements to the street dogs chasing the cars. Swami says when we stop the car, the chasing dog gives a quizzing look “why did you stop … keep, moving so that I can keep chasing”.

Man’s life has been about chasing after worldly goals (Creations) and there is no end to it. Goals keep moving as there is no end to our cravings! We catch one and keep running after the next one.

So, let’s turn our attention slightly away from the Creations to the Creator. Let’s look through the eyes of the Creator and we may see different perspective and motive to the Creations.

In order to experience this view through the Creator’s eyes, we need to spend sometime sitting with him and contemplate on him. With this contemplation, the entire creation will be seen and experienced in a fresh perspective.

One will see that the ever evolving creations are to be seen and admired for the marvel of the creator. There is great Joy in experiencing the Creation, than trying to own them or to be attached.

You may read more of this retreat overview. Download the retreat overview.

Event Details

  • Event: Retreat: Living with the Divine
  • Date: Date: Saturday, 09 Apr 2016 |
  • Venue: Galston Community Hall, 37, Arcadia Rd, Galston NSW 2159
  • Time: Time: 8.00 am – 5.00 pm
  • Program: Play * Devotional singing * Interactive sessions
  • Meals: Refreshments & lunch will be served
  • Contact: elvi Ramanan | M: 0434 265 815 or Ashantth Indrapalan | M: 0466 838 310

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