Sathya Sai School NewsletterIn the latest Sathya Sai School newsletter, the School Principal offers a reflection on Peace as Contentment.

The Human Value of this Newsletter is: Peace as Contentment

At Sathya Sai School we teach our students to be grateful for all we have, to recognise gifts and opportunities and revel in the knowing that there is a reservoir of peace and contentment within us. What we need to do is to remind ourselves — be it through silent sitting, affirmations and/or conscious effort of practising gratitude — not to take people or things for granted. All we need to be at peace is to be grateful of what we have.

Parents new to the school have just completed six hours of interactive workshops on the school’s Education in Human Values Program.

We appreciated the parent’s enthusiasm and feedback on the topics. We hope that it has given them a good grounding and understanding as to how they can be effective partners in their children’s human values journey.

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Sathya Sai School - Murwillumbah

Sathya Sai School – Murwillumbah