hurstvilleSathya Sai Centre of Hurstville Stands for Universal Spirituality

The programs of the Hurstville Sathya Sai Centre are principally based on Universal Spiritual Principles, stressing the importance of basic Human Values in our every thought word and deed, thereby harmonising these three to develop to the awareness of the One called Truth. This unity in turn can give rise to the unity and peace on our Earth and beyond.

One of the main programs of the Centre is Sai Spiritual Education which can help us to live unconditional love. A good proportion of our Sai Spiritual Education is presented through Interactive Spiritual Workshops. Efforts are made to implement the knowledge gained; in our personal daily activities in life at home, at work place, in society and selfless service to needy ones in the environment.

The five human values — when practised with integrity — render good character which transforms the
chaotic society into one of peace, harmony and vision.

In the March 2016 newsletter, Ms Meera Janarthana, former Ladies Coordinator and current Education Coordinator of NSW Region East, gave one presentation, “Human Values – The Way of Life” on Thursday, 5 February 2016.

There is extensive coverage of the damage Tropical Cyclone Winston did to Fiji, and accounts of the service activities in restoration, and helping the needy.

Download the Hurstville Newsletter – March 2016