Sathya Sai School NewsletterIn the latest Sathya Sai School newsletter, the School Principal offers a reflection on Love lived as Caring.

The Human Value of this Newsletter is: Love lived as Caring
Quote: “A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple”

A very wise person (Karen Lea) said to me one day ~

“All anyone wants is to feel supported and if I can support someone it will be a gift.”

I often reflect on this and wonder ~ “If we all cared for each other, supported each other, took the time to listen and understand – what a loving place the world will be.”

At Sathya Sai School, we explicitly teach our students to filter all thoughts through our values. We constantly remind our students to

  • S—Stop
  • T—Take Breath
  • O– Open our Heart (i.e seek to understand then adjust)
  • P– have Positive thoughts (i.e. Ask yourself—Is it loving?
    • Is it Peaceful?
    • Is it Truthful?

This process helps our students to be ‘heart full’ individuals who are able to offer the world a new way of being. A world of kindness, care, respect, understand and support.

Students of Sathya Sai School know we all have a responsibility to work towards creating a loving world. They know we cannot expect others to live the values while we don’t. They understand that each individual is like a drop in the ocean of life and when each one of us accepts full responsibility for our actions and live the values we all benefit.

I encourage all to affirm:~

“I care for others and myself. I pay loving attention to people and things I care about, I give my best to every job.”

Being caring means giving love and attention to everything around you — your belongings, pets, friends, your environment, your learning journey. Be caring, be careful, be happy.

Leelah Broughton
Sathya Sai School

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Sathya Sai School - Murwillumbah

Sathya Sai School – Murwillumbah