Sathya Sai School NewsletterOneness truly encapsulates the highest form of love lived as understanding. The situational value of Oneness asks us to be able to look inside another’s eyes so that all we see is ourselves – No difference!

Sai Insights
Value: Non-violence as One-ness
Quote: “We are a oneness universe. We are all connected”.

At the Sathya Sai School we encourage students to firstly notice the diamond within, which represents

  • our wise inner one
  • our capacity and potential to always be loving, peaceful, truthful and behave with right conduct and non-violence.

Next we ask our students to notice the diamond in others. To view the world from a values perspective means to always see good, be good and do good.

By recognising our highest selves and acknowledging a highest self resides in others – we begin to see that we are all ONE. All our potential selves are the same!

In living the values of Oneness differences begin to fall away and our connections and relationships become more loving, peaceful and authentic. The values give our students a framework to understand and relate to one another.

Let us all have the grace to keep remembering who we are and who we see in the eyes of another.

Leelah Broughton
Sathya Sai School

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Sathya Sai School - Murwillumbah

Sathya Sai School – Murwillumbah