act-saiTo mark this auspicious day of Guru Poornima, the ACT region will humbly offer a Service Activity on the 10 July 2016 and a Devotional Programme on the 24 July 2016 to our beloved Sathya Sai.

Our Service Activity on the 10 July 2016 is an offering with a strong feeling “Every woman has the right to a clean and safe childbirth”. This activity is arranged along with the Birthing kit foundation of Australia. Selfless service to others is the fastest path to inner spiritual transformation. Sathya Sai Baba guides one and all to realise the Brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God by our selfless service.

Our Devotional Programme on 24 July 2016 will comprise of a Play by the Young Adult of ACT, devotional singing and chanting by Sai members and a Guest Speaker reflecting on their spiritual journey.

Guru Poornima is sacred for many reasons:

This day, the seeker who suffers from identification with the false objective world is initiated into the reality of the ‘Unseen Motivator’ within him; This day, those who have no urge to tread the spiritual path are inspired to seek the bliss which that path will confer; This day, aspirants are helped to achieve the consciousness of the One, which is known by many Names and Forms, in various languages and lands. [Divine Discourses – July 27, 1980 and July 14, 1992]

Event Details:

Event: ACT Guru Poornima Celebrations
When: Sunday, 24 July (9.30 am – 11.00 am)
Where: Senior Citizens’ Centre, Watsons street, Turner, ACT.
Programme: Guest speaker, Youth offering, Devotional singing followed by refreshments.

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 Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi