South Australia region will celebrate the Hindu festival ‘Ganesh Chaturti’ at the Southwest Community Centre, 171 Stuart Street, Adelaide, on Saturday, 10 September. All are welcome.

“What is the inner significance of worshipping the elephantfaced deity? The elephant is a symbol of might and magnitude. The elephant’s foot is larger than that of any other animal. The elephant can make its way through the densest jungle. In this way, it signifies the quality of a leader who shows the way for others. The elephant is also known for its fidelity and gratitude. In any circumstance, it will not forget its master. Even in its last moments, if it hears the voice of its master, it will open its eyes and look for him. It will sacrifice its life for its master. These are the
lessons man should learn from the elephant. Intelligence without gratitude is valueless. Every man should be grateful to those who have helped him.” (Sathya Sai Baba, Divine Discourse, Ganesh Chaturthi, 7 September 1997)

Date : Sunday, 11 September 2016
Time : 6:00pm
Venue : Southwest Community Centre, 171 Sturt Street, Adelaide

Please join the activity of making clay models of Lord Ganesha, followed by devotional singing and a shared meal

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