Moyia O’Brien, a dearly loved member of the Sai community and one of the ‘Pink Twins’, passed away on Thursday, 4 May 2017. Moyia and her deceased sister, Dorothy, were true servants of humanity both in their actions and the incredible selfless love they showered on all they met. The twins established SWARA a unique ennobling facility for the disabled in 1975 and played active roles in its operations for many years, at all times using Love as the guiding principle of their involvement.

‘Service springs out of Love and scatters Love in profusion.’ – Sathya Sai Baba

The twins were pure examples of the truth of this statement.

Queensland Region B are hosting a celebration of Moyia’s life on Saturday, 13 May 2017 to which all are invited.

Event Details

When: Saturday, 13 May 2017
Time: 5.00 pm – 8.00 pm
Where: Coorparoo Secondary College, Cnr. Stanley St East & Cavendish Rd., Coorparoo Qld
More Information: Venkat Reddy, 0421 634 903, Pramesh Ram, 0404 084 088


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About our dear Moyia

‘Embodiments of Love’

This is what Sathya Sai Baba called us; Embodiments of Love. Moyia O’Brien was the best example of a true Embodiment of Love. In fact, Baba even quantified it: ‘That lady is 99% Love’, said the Being of Complete Love.

Born on 29 November 1923 in the Darling Downs town of Toowoomba, Dorothy and Moyia O’Brien, ‘The Pink Twins’, first met Sathya Sai Baba in 1981, sparking the Divine Romance chronicled in their 1999 book ‘Touch of the Lord’. When Dorothy passed away in 2004 at Prashanthi Nilayam, Baba sat with Moyia in the Poornachandra Auditorium, comforting her: ‘You feel so alone … (because) she is gone. But you are not alone – I am with you!’

Moyia continued to touch hearts, transform lives, and spread love wherever she went. One Sai Young Adult wondered: ‘I would watch her interact with others. At times she would just sit there silently in a group when not engaged in conversation, smiling sweetly to herself. I asked her what she was thinking about?’

Moyia’s answer.

‘I do light meditation every day and think of pink light as I do it. I say to Baba, “Baba, bring your light and join it with mine. Let us go out together and pour our love on people who are struggling in their lives and help them to come back to the right path.” I say this prayer automatically when I see someone who looks sad and I immediately pour love on them.’

And she did this regardless of the recipient’s disposition or demeanour:

‘Don’t ever despise people even if they do unpleasant things. Once they were beautiful lights like you are, but circumstances have put a lot of darkness around them. So, don’t you put more darkness around them! If you can’t put love, put understanding or tolerance. You might be the first person to put light on them. And that’s an encouraging thought that gives me so much comfort.’

Moyia loved heart to heart, one heart at a time, making one feel as if only one existed in that moment for her. In the way that Baba did. What choice did one have but to fall in love with her in return? Like the way we did with Baba.

For Moyia,

A child of all-loving God, so much like her Heavenly Father,
Who showed us how to love all and serve all, with all her heart, with every thought, breath and sinew,
Who showed us how to help ever and hurt never, ever,
Who showed us how to return love for affection and disaffection alike,
Our Moyia, our Mozzy, our true friend, our mum, our sister, our aunty, our Love.
We pray to the Lord. Lord, hear our prayer.

From Moyia,

‘I am the pure Light of Consciousness
Penetrating everywhere,
And bringing all into the Light of God.