‘The program of devotional singing continuously done all around the world in all lands has, therefore, spread the message of love through the Names of the Embodiment of Universal Love (God). It has saturated the atmosphere with the thought of God and of the peace and joy He showers. The devotional singing that you have done here has affected not only this particular area and its environment, but it will transmute the entire atmosphere. Continue this attitude of devotion and humility, of service and tolerance and the atmosphere will not be polluted by hatred. – Sathya Sai Baba, 14.11.1976

Every year in November the SSIO participates in a global devotional singing event that lasts for 24 hours. The event is styled the Akhanda Bhajan which translates as ‘devotional singing without break’. This year the event will run from 6.30 pm Saturday, 11 to 6.30 pm Sunday, 12 November.

The SSIO is a spiritual organisation that promotes Unity of Faiths and honours all the names given to the One by the different religions throughout the world. The devotional singing thus glorifies God by those various names. It starts at 6.30 pm local time and thus, a wave of devotional singing extends around the world commencing and ending within the different time zones. Sai Baba teaches that this singing has powers beyond the obvious and has a beneficial and purifying effect on the world; something the world truly needs during these troubled times. Of course, to become enveloped in the spirit of the singing also brings us into closer union with the Divine.

‘The vibrations resulting from singing the glory of God can cleanse the atmosphere and render it pure, calm and ennobling. It is with this high purpose in view that this program of global singing was designed. – Sathya Sai Baba. 14.11.1976

‘Those who sing devotional songs get what can be called ‘double promotion’, for they derive joy and distribute joy! Life today is filled with sorrow and is beset with fear and despair. The only time you can forget these thoughts and strengthen yourself to meet the hard times is when you contact the source of all strength, God. – Sathya Sai Baba. 4.12.1976

Groups throughout Australia will be conducting the singing in various locations. Please refer to any flyers posted here, or make enquiries with your local Sai centre found from the ‘Locations’ link on the Home Page.

All are very welcome to participate.

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