Victoria Region celebrated Easwaramma Day on the 6th of May. The SSE children have actively participated and even more the effort our children put in for so that we all could witness Swami’s message through His instruments.

“We Love you so Baba….” joyous smiles, clapping hands, tears rolling, mind in tune to Sai, many hand up in the air to capture every second in the cameras. A beatific moment as more than 50 SSE children from West Region filled the whole auditorium with their Love for Sai on one stage, truly unified in the spirit of Divine mother, singing to full throttle and making the statement….”We Love you so Baba”

Dear Brothers & Sisters this pretty much was our West Region Easwaramma day celebration filled with Love, Joy & Wisdom. Our SSE children delivered the message “Love Sai” very effectively through various presentation as true seekers and future leaders to carry forward the legacy of our Beloved Bhagwan.