‘Master, Message and Messenger’ – Easwaramma Day Celebrations at the Centralised SSE Wentworthville Hub

On the afternoon of Sunday, 6 May, the Centralised SSE Hub of Wentworthville celebrated Easwaramma Day at Model Farm High School, Baulkham Hills, with a number of performances and activities by the SSE students. The theme adopted was that selected by NSW Region West for the day reflecting on the Message of Sai and our place in being His messengers.

The story of the Hub’s celebration started with teachers asking students what they wanted to do. Just like any other offering that is done for Sathya Sai Baba, everyone wanted it to be special. Sathya Sai Baba always reminds us that He is in everyone and especially in his students. With this in mind, the children were filled with enthusiasm; not only did they want to perform music, dance and drama, they also had many other offerings in mind. They came up with several approaches to the theme which included a trivia contest and other little surprises.

Over the many weeks leading up to the event, all the Hub teachers, students, parents and volunteers put in a lot of hard work to plan, practice, rehearse, collaborate and finally provide the offering to Sathya Sai Baba on Easwaramma Day. Despite all the hard work, all enjoyed the experience immensely.

The students not only remembered Divine mother Easwaramma, the focus of the day, but also remembered and revered their living gods – their own mothers. A drama performance on Sai’s life highlighted the children’s views of how lucky the elders were to see Sai in physical form, and dwelt on the important teachings of all religions. Students also offered beautiful dance performances along with wonderful prayers.

The families and friends of the children who performed and all the devotees were entertained, inspired and energized by the children’s offerings and seeing their love in action. All the attendees were truly touched to see the many creative ways in which each offering explored the theme of “SAI – Master, Message & Messenger” and highlighted the importance of making our lives HIS message and becoming HIS messengers. The offerings brought smiles to the faces of all children and parents. Surely the loving offering of our children would have earned immense grace. The session concluded with devotional singing and Aarati.

Easwaramma SSE Fun Day in Brisbane

On the 6th May 2018, Brisbane Sathya Sai Centres hosted an Easwaramma SSE Fun Day on the sport grounds of Cooperoo Secondary College. The theme for the celebration was “Colours of Mother Sai”. It was a bright and early morning start for SSE teachers, children and parents commencing with a session of yoga. This was followed by a beautiful devotional program, in which the SSE children presented multi-faith prayers and sang devotional songs. The children then participated in a variety of values-based activities and games. These included puzzle making, cupcake decorating, face painting and a ‘steps to Sathya Sai Baba’ activity. The children also had an opportunity to do a service activity as part of a ‘Serve the Planet’ initiative, where they each made toys for the RSPCA by up-cycling old t-shirts. Additionally, there was Mother’s Day card making. An ‘Avatar Cup’ sports competition involved the children working together in teams to complete various physical tasks including an egg-and-spoon race and sack race. During the day’s events, parents also had the opportunity to participate in a ‘parenting with values’ workshop. The day concluded with a barbeque and closing prayers. It was a fun and engaging day for all, filled with divine energy and love.

Easwaramma Day in WA

The teachers and SSE students of the three centres in the WA Region combined to prepare a loving program for Easwaramma Day. The students shared experiences and poetic readings about their Mothers, bringing tears to the eyes of the audience.

The theme for this year’s SSE play offering was “LOVE SAI”. Sai stands for Service – Adoration – Illumination. Through SERVICE to mankind, we begin to ADORE the inherent divinity in all mankind. This adoration leads us to the realisation that there is nothing and nowhere that GOD is not. Finally we are ILLUMINATED. The play offering described the five elements of nature and what happens when they go out of balance. Each of us are made up of the five elements. When we learn how to live in harmony with them, we too become ILLUMINATED.

The play was followed by devotional singing and a light lunch. The devotion to our beloved Mother Sai was shown through the heartfelt and dynamic performance by the students and also the dedication of the parents, teachers and committee who put together the program.

LOVE SAI – Easwaramma Day in Victoria

“We Love you so Sathya Sai Baba….”
Joyous smiles, clapping hands, rolling tears, mind in tune to Sai, and many hands up in the air to capture every second on their cameras. A beatific moment as more than 50 SSE children filled the whole auditorium with their Love for Sai on one stage, truly unified in the spirit of the Divine mother and singing full throttle the words “We Love you so Baba!”
The Region West Easwaramma Day celebration was filled with love, joy & wisdom. Our SSE children delivered the message “Love Sai” very effectively through various presentations as true seekers and future leaders to carry forward the legacy of our Beloved Sathya Sai Baba.

Easwaramma Day Celebrations at the Bonnyrigg Hub, NSW Region West

Singing With Sai – Easwaramma Day Celebrations in NSW East

NSW Region East celebrated Easwaramma Day on the 5th of May with the theme “Singing with Sai”. The afternoon began by paying respect to our country through the National Anthem, after which Kingsley Prabha and Vignesh Shanmugam, gave a brief talk about our Sathya Sai College in Murwillumbah and Dungay.

The SSE students prayed to Sathya Sai Baba, asking for guidance and wisdom as they offered flowers and the play’s script His Lotus Feet. The play depicted an audition process for the opportunity to sing at Kulwant Hall in Prashanthi Nilayam. Amidst many challenges, the protagonist was finally granted the privilege to sing a bhajan (devotional song) for which he expressed his heart felt gratitude to GOD, realising that “GOD is the doer, and we are but the instrument”. There were moments of devotional singing during the play which transported the audience to blissful corners. The characters in the play through their dialogues also catered for some humor which made the play complete.

We also had the pleasure of having Uncle Sai Surendranath (Prashanthi Mandir Bhajan group, Teacher at Sathya Sai Secondary School) who graced the occasion by explaining the correlation between Service, Adoration and Illumination. The event concluded with Aarathi.