Different Regions and groups of the Sathya Sai International Organisation of Australia & PNG will have groups participating in the National Tree Day event, an event carried out nationally to plant trees and other vegetation for environmental and social benefits to our country. The event this year is close to our celebrations of Guru Poornima and consequently, some tree planting activities will not be scheduled on the same date. All are welcome to join our groups in their individual projects.

Whatever man seeks to achieve, he has to rely on Nature. Nature is not anyone’s private property. It belongs to God. Without the grace of the Lord no one can enjoy the benefits of Nature. Not realizing this truth, some people embark on the exploitation of Nature, out of arrogance and self-conceit. This is highly misconceived.
(SSS 22.17: 25 June 1989,

National Tree Day is Australia’s largest tree planting and nature-care event. It has been going since 1996 and about 4 million people have been involved in the activities over the years. Groups and individuals can register their own projects or join in established ones. The SSIO has been involved in activities and their own projects for several years.

Trees and vegetation are the lungs of the earth converting carbon dioxide to oxygen and storing carbon in their tissues, both vital functions in maintaining the equilibrium of this planet. They also play an enormous role in providing people with beauty, shade, shelter, inspiration and refreshment as well as providing habitat for countless creatures, many of which we so enjoy seeing in our immediate surroundings.

By participating in such activities as promoted by National Tree Day, we provide a valuable service to the environment, our society, the creatures who use them as habitat and also to ourselves. The very act of getting out into the outdoors and involving yourselves in nature has enormous beneficial health consequences, both physically and mentally and sharing the activities with like-minded people is joy in itself.

The different regions have a number of activities related to National Tree Day, some of which will fall on days around the official date. Please refer to the flyers available below for information and becoming involved in an activity in your area.

Man should in the first place realise the truth that he has been endowed with the human body not for seeking his selfish ends but for serving others.
(SSS 27.4: 23 January 1994,

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