The Ladies Wing of NSW Region East organised a High Tea on Sunday 8 July 2018 in Lidcombe. The invitation was extended to all women in the region which included adults, young adults and also group 4 SSE children. The theme for the event was, floral.

The event was well organised by the young adults and about 45 women attended. The session commenced with a few devotional songs followed by a Q & A session where all participants were paired, forming an inner and outer circle. The participants in the inner circle kept rotating, as the intent was to get to know the person in the outer circle on a personal and spiritual level. The partners were changed three times so each participant got to know at least three other people during the Q & A. The questions were fun, inspirational and very insightful.

This certainly paved the way for further diverse activities planned for the remainder of the afternoon, which was followed by delicious food and drinks, where everyone had the opportunity to mingle and share their joy-filled experiences.

Soon after tea was served, participants were divided into five groups for a skit session with props provided. The joint effort of the adult & young adult contribution to this session was indeed exceptional. The moral behind each group’s skit was value-based, and it was interesting to note that each member had a particular role to play, and that each inspired and supported the rest of their team. Some of the topics covered in the skit sessions were teamwork from a football team named Sai United Team (yes, very impressive indeed!), being more conscious of taking care of the environment, and lastly, ladies nurturing and bringing up responsible children.

There was so much to learn and the take home messages were aplenty.

After the skits, everyone was again divided into the same five groups for a study circle/interactive workshop. It was indeed a very insightful session as participants shared the challenges they each faced in their daily spiritual quest. This was the final activity and it brought the wonderful afternoon gathering to a close.

Overall, it was a tremendous effort by the young adults, and all the ladies agreed they want more of the same, so we are sure to expect another few of these events later in the year.