We are very fortunate to be a part of wonderful service activities that are run by our centre. It is amazing to see the participation of each member of our Sai Centre.

Sathya Sai Baba says that “Service is the highest spiritual discipline. Prayer and meditation or knowledge of scripture and Vedanda (holy scriptures of India), cannot help you reach the goal as quickly as service can. Service has a double effect, it extinguishes the ego and gives bliss.”

Blanket Drive:

Our centre recently participated in a blanket drive. All the blankets that were collected were donated to LifeLinks in Parramatta. This organisation supports the local community including new migrants and school outreach programs. More information can be found in the following link – . LifeLinks was very overwhelmed with our support with the blanket donations and also of the supply of non-perishable food items. We received the following message from their organisation:

“God is always moving in people’s hearts and lives. Thank you again and yes they will be given to people in great need and some that have lost so much in life.”


We also participate in the monthly Bushcare activity with our local council. During the last few months we have been attending the local Bidjiwong Community nursery and also Bellamy Farm Reserve. In the Bidjiwong Community Nursery, we were able to create a community vegetable garden. This activity was mainly carried out by our SSE students and parents. They were very grateful for our continuous commitment, ongoing support towards their community nursery and in general looking after mother nature. Thank you all for your wonderful support to our service projects.