NSW Region East was recently invited by Canterbury Bankstown Council to participate in an Interfaith Program, Multi Faith Prayer for Peace organised by the City Council.

On Tuesday 18 September approximately 22 members of NSW Region East including the National President Mr Indrapalan came together for an uplifting and energising offering during the Interfaith Program that was organised by the council.

To start the ceremony, everyone went outside where an indigenous man performed a ceremonial welcome on the grass. This involved a special smouldering bunch of gum leaves and he blessed each person with its smoke. He then managed to light the main candle for the ‘inside’ program from the embers. As part of his brief information about aboriginal culture, it was most notable that he stressed their respect for the five elements: fire, water, air etc. It was almost as though we were listening to Sai’s own words.

There were leaders from different faiths and each group were given two minutes to introduce themselves and recite a prayer.

Our prayer was an offering in the form of a devotional song ‘Let the Love We Sharing Spread its Wings’. It was a wonderful offering and very well received by other religious leaders.

It was indeed an honour to join leaders from diverse faiths and community groups and offer prayers for Peace in our Hearts, Peace in the World and Peace in the Universe.

After the program, there was an opportunity to meet everyone over supper. During this time a number of leaders and members of other faith and community groups asked questions about “Sai” and also complimented on the group’s offering. There was also a Muslim Women’s group who were very interested in our offering and we hope to connect with her and the team in the future. This of course leads us to believe that we increased the visibility of the Sathya Sai Organisation within the local community.

We feel the organisation has made a slow and humble start to building a loving and meaningful connection with the Canterbury Bankstown Council.

Our sincere thanks to the Canterbury Sai Group for initiating this wonderful opportunity.