For over 40 years, the SSIO has conducted an annual worldwide devotional singing event called the Akhanda Bhajan. The event lasts for 24 hours commencing from 6.00 pm on Saturday, 10 November to 6.00 pm Sunday, 11 November.

“The spiritual vibrations produced by devotional songs (Bhajans) confer great joy both on those who sing them and on those who hear the songs. The songs remove all negative thoughts, soothe the nerves, purify the mind and fill the body and the heart with sweet love for the divine. As one sings … the mind is saturated with God Consciousness and a great ecstasy wells up from within. No mental or intellectual effort is called for, as there is no need to understand anything while uttering the holy names of God and singing His glory. The singing and the atmosphere created … takes one beyond the realms of the body, mind and intellect and helps to establish communion with the Higher Self (consciousness) within. Therefore, singing … becomes a beautiful and blissful experience.

The SSIO is a spiritual organisation drawing its members from many faiths and promotes Unity of Faiths. It honours all the faiths and the names given to the One by them throughout the world. The devotional singing thus glorifies God by those various names. It starts at 6.00 pm in local time for each country resulting in a wave of devotional singing sweeping around the world commencing and ending at the set times within the different time zones. The singing is dedicated towards promoting, peace, harmony and bliss throughout the world. The singing with a dedicated heart also brings one into closer union with the Divine.

Singing this intense yearning for God and enjoying the experience of adoring Him helps to purify the atmosphere. Today, man is forced to breathe the air polluted by sounds that denote violence, hatred, cruelty, and wickedness. Therefore, he is fast losing the high attainments that are in store for him. The vibrations resulting from singing the glory of God can cleanse the atmosphere and render it pure, calm, and ennobling. It is with this high purpose in view that this program of global singing aloud the glory of God was designed.
Sathya Sai Baba, 14 November 1976

Groups throughout Australia will be conducting the singing in various locations. Please refer to flyers posted below for local details or make enquiries with your local Sai centre found from the ‘Locations’ link on the Home Page.

All are very welcome to participate in this energising and joyful experience.

Event Details

Program: Global Akhanda Bhajan 2018
When: Saturday, 10 November to Sunday, 11 November 2018
Time: 6.00 pm until 6.00 pm for each day.

Note: local events may have differing durations during this period.

Download the Flyer for VIC Region East and West
Download the Flyer for SA Region
Download the Flyer for QLD Region
Download the Flyer for NSW Region West
Download the Flyer for ACT Region
Download the Flyer for WA Region