The Serve Our Sai Family (SOS) service initiative was introduced in April 2018 and launched during the regional Guru Poornima Celebrations in July 2018. It was readily embraced by all Sai Centres in the Perth Region.

Its objective is to serve the disadvantaged members from our Sai community who may suffer from illness, loneliness or isolation and make them feel loved and respected and realise that they are not “the forgotten generation” of our organisation.

The Seniors Day function held on the 13th October 2018, was the first event offered as part of the SOS initiative and was dedicated to Avatar Day Service. The event allowed the Senior Sai members to connect to different age groups in the Sai Organisation i.e. children, young adults and young Seniors. The purpose was to make the Seniors feel happy, wanted and very much respected.

The entertainment program included interactive multicultural presentations. The Seniors were invited to participate in all activities including playing music, singing and folklore dancing originating from the Indian State of Gujarat in India. Many Seniors happily participated and contributed towards the success of this event.
Some of the highlight performances included:

  • SSE students showing unique musical talents in playing the cello and guitar, and singing and dancing.
  • ”Seniors Got Talents”- showcasing the amazing talents that our Seniors possess
  • Young Adults accompanying the Seniors in Singing Swahili devotional songs, old Tamil movie songs and Chinese Love songs.
  • A space drum musical composition by Young Adult & Seniors.
  • Guitar playing accompanied by English songs sung by the Seniors.
  • Creating music using everyday recycled household material.
  • A new phrase coined based on the word recycled – “Re Sai Called” – meaning our Seniors have been re-called to the Sai Organisation to show their passion and share experiences of the past.

    Khusmati Lal
    Regional Service Coordinator
    SSIO Australia & PNG WA Region