On the 20 th October 2018 we, as an organisation was invited to a Symposium on Human Values. Our host , the Sant Nirankari Mission, had requested that all the different faiths present a talk that shares the oneness with other faiths in the community. This included Muslims, Indians, Temple of Fine Arts, Sikhs, Hari Krishna Devotees, Buddhists and our host the Sant Nirankari Group.

Jenny Monson was invited to talk on behalf of our Organisation. Jenny focussed on the fact that the SSIO inspires the cultivation of oneness with others , family, community, nation and the world. The talk also mentioned how the 5 values, which are the cornerstone of our Organisation, are incorporated into our lives and our education.

The goal of the organisation, to help us realise the inherent divinity in ourselves was noted as being of prime importance. This and the oneness principle help us render the kind of service to others which is transformative to ourselves.

Our Organisation was also invited to perform a song. Seven Members of our Group sang the song,” I am One My Lord, I am One With Thee.

It was inspiring that one of the common threads that most of the faiths shared was the importance of practicing what we preach. Not just Words.!!

In order to place more effort in the Seva we offer, our group accepted an offer, from the Nutrition Team at Edith Cowan University (ECU), to hold a workshop. The Event was highly interactive and members who were directly involved in providing food to our homeless and to our Children living on the Street were especially invited to the event. The ECU team provided some insights into how we could provide a nutritious meal whilst aligning with our vegetarian ethos and beliefs. The extra effort we placed in our Seva projects was important
as it emphasised the importance of Swami’s guidance on this topic. Quality over Quantity!

The feedback we received from our members was very positive. As always we thank Swami for guiding us through His Community Engagement Work. We are very grateful to be included in his work.