On the 20th of October, the ladies of the WA region were invited to participate in a Wellness Day program at the Perth Human Values Centre. The idea of a Ladies Wellness Day came from a group of ladies who wanted to provide a session where they could invigorate their mind, body and spirit and provide a snapshots for ladies into a range of concepts.

As part of the multi-faceted program, the presenters gave snapshots of the important aspects of self compassion, information on the purposes of spices, physical wellbeing (body), mindfulness (spirit), mental well-being, relationship building and self-love (mind). With all these skills and by nurturing our inner child, we also provide ourselves with armour to withstand the up and down challenges of this mortal life.

A new concept for many ladies was Self Compassion which encourages us to speak with our inner voice with kindness, without judgement, being mindful of our thoughts and realising common humanity when faced with difficulties. Without self compassion, we may become self pitying, self indulgent, identifying with the body and attaching ourselves too much with our egocentric qualities, and ultimately, not accepting who we really are – Divinity.

“In order to elevate oneself to the Pushthi (the full-filled or complete) category, one must learn Self-confidence and Self-satisfaction, to be content with one’s Self, to derive joy from the Atma (divine Self), which one is. One should not be tempted by what appear to be sources of joy in the external world. Sathya Sai Baba, SSS 14.59: 24 November 1980.

The chair yoga was a widely appreciated movement break, highlighting the importance of maintaining synchronicity with body and mind, and providing simple tips to connect with the inner voice and breath.

A personal highlight was the ‘mindful eating’ of a raisin. We were guided through mindfully examining, exploring and appreciating the sweetness of a single raisin, after which one senior lady of the group commented “This is the best raisin I have had in my life!”. What a wonderful example of how mindfulness enriches our lives and the importance of living in the present.

The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by Young Adults, adults and seniors, full of insights, laughter and personal stories.