NSW East

NSW Region East celebrated the 93rd year of the advent of Sathya Sai Baba on Sunday 25 November at Pennant Hills High School, Pennant Hills.

The theme of the program was Divinity in Diversity. It started off with a play by the young adults where a group of them were meeting up for a study circle. None of them turned up on time except for the moderator, and when the next young adult turned up the moderator suggested she share her journey into spirituality; this followed on with the other participants who turned up. The play was well written and the theme of seeing unity in diversity and true spirituality was indeed very well executed.

Following on from this was a continuation of the play with different characters. This time there were three dads with their baby daughters, and their topic of discussion was how Sai Baba played a role in their lives. This was a value based play and the fathers wanted to raise their children the way they were brought up with values and spirituality. It was indeed good to see these young fathers had the foresight to oversee that their children grew up with such values and also the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba.

After the play, there was an update on the Sai School and also the Service activity update from around Australia.

Finally, we had the National President Mr Indrapalan address the gathering. He spoke about the Sai National Conference scheduled for next Easter long week-end and released the names of the guest speakers. It was very received by all. This was followed by a short video message by Sathya Sai Baba.

The program concluded with devotional singing. There were approximately 300 people in attendance on the day.


On Friday the 23rd of November, devotees from across Western Australia gathered to reflect and celebrate the life and message of our Lord, Sathya Sai Baba. The programme this year was a chance for us to recognise the multifaith message that Baba teaches – and with several guests from other organisations, we were blessedly given the chance to do that.

Our evening started off with a welcome to country and a talk by Tjalaminu (TJ) Mia of the Sister Kates Home Kids Aboriginal Corporation, who reflected on her spirituality and how it had helped her and her family get through some very dark times. The Sai Organisation has been invited along to a number of Community Engagement events with the Sister Kates group. This was followed by a beautiful musical rendition by Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot on the didgeridoo and traditional flute. The rhythms and melodies were a fantastic reminder of our good fortune to share this land with its traditional owners.

Next up, our very own SSE students performed a song called “Together we can change the world”. It was inspiring to see the confidence that all the children had as they matched the words with relevant hand gestures. We look forward to seeing them continue their devotional singing over many years to come!

Dr Samina Yasmeen from the University of Western Australia was next, and she spoke about faith and belonging from an Islamic point of view. It was refreshing to get a perspective on this important contemporary issue from someone so passionate and knowledgeable.

After this we heard from Pride Kalonga from a local church who sang a beautiful song called “My Reason” for us. Pride’s voice was just like “milk chocolate” as was said in his introduction, and all present vibed to his dulcet tones. His faith and dedication came through really strongly, and we were blessed to have him at our event.

After this we heard an update from all the work that has been done by devotees at the Sathya Sai College in Murwillumbah. It was inspiring to see the effort put in by everyone and a very good reminder of our capacity to contribute to this project – our National service project.

We then were blessed by the young adults who sang three songs for us, some of which will also form part of their upcoming pilgrimage offering. The first song, We Are Australian, notably was sung with Noongar lyrics for the chorus as provided to the Organisation by our friends at the Sister Kates Home Kids Aboriginal Corporation. The latter two songs, Path to You and Ninnuganni, were also rendered with spirit by the young adults which was inspiring to listen to.

Our final interfaith item followed, which was a qawwali (devotional song) from the Sant Nirankari Mission. Their spirit-raising songs blew the audience away and will be remembered for a long time to come. We rounded off the pre-singing programme with video presentations about the national conference and examples of service that had been carried out around Australia.

The devotional singing that followed were as blissful as always and were enjoyed by many of our invited multifaith guests. We concluded with a vote of thanks and handing out of SSE certificates by our Regional President, Raj Nagpal, and Education Coordinator Rouvin Mahadeva. After this, all enjoyed a delicious vegetarian dinner served with love and care by many volunteers. The event was also very conscious of being environmentally friendly with Eco-Bins sourced by our Enviro-care representative, that enabled attendees to separate recyclables, organic waste and landfill.

Numerous people sacrificed time and effort to allow this event to be a great success, so thank you to all. With Baba’s blessings and grace, we look forward to another year of love and service here in WA.


Queensland Region held a birthday party in celebration of Sathya Sai Baba’s 93 years of advent. Devotees and children were welcomed by a friendly clown, who handed out balloons and sweets. Quawalli songs and melodious devotional singing filled the celebrations with joy and love for Sathya Sai Baba. The SSE children performed a beautiful play with the message that if you call God with all your heart, He will come. The young adults engaged devotees in an interactive and fun game of Snakes and Ladders but with a twist. The game included Prasanthi stories about ‘ladders of sadhana’ and ‘snakes of the senses’ while the dice of ‘dharma or karma’ was rolled and devotes were asked to solve puzzles with Sathya Sai Baba’s messages. It was joyous occasion enjoyed by all.

VIC East and West

We all enjoyed our region’s birthday program, and put our best effort into everything for our beloved Lord. It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit – that is real team work and we all enjoyed that together on this occasion. The real credit and gratitude is only to our beloved Sathya Sai Baba.

The beautiful shrine, the excellent musical play, the vibrant devotional singing, the delicious food and the wise words from our guest speaker went very well. We have received overwhelming positive feedback on each of the aspect of the night. The teamwork represents true value and a sense of achievement.