QLD Region held a service-orientated program to celebrate Ladies Day. The function began with devotional singing, a Ladies Day message and was shortly followed by service activities. These activities included assembling 200 birthing kits (Birthing Kit Foundation Australia), making dog and cat toys for the animals at the RSPCA, sewing animal pouches and making Christmas gift packs for the Blue Care clients which included a handwritten card, homemade Christmas cake and other Christmas goodies. The event concluded with lunch lovingly prepared by the ladies, and as part of the Serve The Planet initiative, reusable cups and plates were used.

VIC West

The ladies of VIC Region West celebrated Ladies Day by actively participating in and performing a musical medley, a drama, a quiz, and devotional singing. The highlight was the delicious food lovingly prepared by the brothers!


VIC East

Victoria East Region Ladies Day was celebrated on 19th November at the Glen Waverley Community Hall. It was attended by about 140 devotees and the theme was “Holding on to Him”.

The program commenced at 7pm with Veda Chanting – this was the first time Veda Chanting was included in a regional Ladies Day celebration in VIC East. The chanting was done by a vibrant group of ladies, a few young adults and SSE children.

This was followed by an inspiring speech by Vasumathi Ravindran on the topic “Holding on to Sathya Sai Baba.” She discussed the tools Sai Baba has given us to continue to hold on to His values, and simple ways to practice His teachings in our daily lives.

A humorous Play titled “Sharanam Sharanam” was next on the program. The actors included ladies and young adults. The play explored the concept of surrender – leaving everything to His will, Holding on to Him with complete faith, and Letting Go and Letting God in.

The program concluded with devotional singing. There were 9 devotional songs, with a singer representing each of the 8 centres in the region for the first 8. The final song was the English song “I will Love You more and more each day” sung by the group.

Packed food and sweets were distributed at the end of the program. With Sathya Sai Baba’s Grace it was an enjoyable and spiritually elevating evening program.

NSW East

The Ladies Day celebration for NSW Region East was held on Sunday 18 November at the Dundas Community Hall, Telopea. The event comprised a number wonderful items, all of which had messages of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

The program commenced with veda chanting by the ladies and some young adults; this was indeed a very great start to an uplifting cultural program that was in store for the remainder of the afternoon. This was followed by a few devotional songs.

We then had a drama depicting the life of Sharada Devi who was an ardent devotee of Shridi Sai Baba. She was the one to whom Shirdi Sai Baba had prophesied that he would reincarnate as another avatar and that he would draw her to himself. Indeed at the age of fourteen when Sathya Sai Baba declared he was Shirdi Sai Baba, Sharada Devi, who was also affectionately called Pedda Bottu visited him in Andhra Pradesh. This was a very well orchestrated play and the message was conveyed very well.

The Ladies Coordinator for the Region, Mrs Vathana Sivabalan, then gave a welcoming address and shared some of the insights of her spiritual journey over the years. Following this was the guest speaker for the day – Miss Kashveera Chanderjith. Miss Chanderjith is a chartered accountant by profession and is the first deaf chartered accountant in the world. She is originally from South Africa and currently resides in Sydney working for Qantas. She is a long-time ardent devotee of Sathya Sai Baba. Kashveera was born deaf and mute, and when she was very young she visited Prashanthi Nilayam with her parents. Sathya Sai Baba told her parents at the time that when she went back to South Africa she would start to talk. She did indeed started speaking by saying her very first word – ‘flower’. Although she is still deaf, Kashveera speaks very eloquently. She had the audience enthralled by relating her life’s journey. She was very inspirational and everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening to her melodious voice.

This was followed by a short video message and the program ended with more devotional singing. Overall the program was uplifting and very insightful with lots of take-home messages.

NSW Region West

Compilation on Ladies Day:
On Monday 19 November 2018, we have had a beautiful offering by the ladies of NSW Region West on the Ladies Day.
Inspiring and practical messages were shared by the ladies through music, drama and a talk back show. We share below details of the program that ensued.

It has been said that “a home without a woman is like a forest”. I extend this to our Region where the aunties and sisters are the back bone and powerhouse of all that we do in our Centres and Region. On this day we acknowledge and salute their contributions.

Compilation on Ladies Day

The 2018 Ladies Day celebrations started with chanting of 108 names of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, followed by a devotional musical presentation, a drama and a talk show. The program concluded with devotional bhajans and Aarati.

A drama entitled Sai – Our Life is your message is presented beautifully by SAI family ladies. The drama consisted mainly of two parts.

In first part: The Master – Lives in our hearts and will guide us at every step of life. It was presented how HE guides a working woman to take a right decision to teach at SSE. She not only motivates her colleague who is stressed but also consoles her boss at critical time. When they both were happy they suggest her to teach and showed interest in sending their kids to SSE if she teaches. That reminded her of Baba’s instruction in her dream, helped her to understand HIS instructions for her to teach. All are instruments of GOD.

In the later part: The Messengers – True messengers live the message and lead by example.
The main character in this part is a young woman, who is an ardent devotee of Baba and follows HIS messages in her life. She gets married and sacrifices her career to look after in-laws. Mother-in-law believes Lord Krishna is the only GOD. When a situation arises, where the daughter-in-law has to choose between serving her mother-in-law and participating in birthday celebrations at the centre, she decides to stay at home and serve her mother-in-law. Then all of a sudden, her husband who was on a business trip comes home unexpectedly He assures her that he will take care of his mother and convinces her to go to centre to participate in celebrations. When she returns home with her friends afterwards, to her astonishment, she does not find her husband. When asked, her mother-in-law, who tells that he has not yet come back from the trip and why she asks the question. The daughter-in-law tells her that she went to participate in celebrations only after her husband assured to take care of mother-in-law. But mother-in-law informs that daughter-in-law never left the house and made her comfortable. Daughter in law phones her husband who confirmed that he is still in overseas. Then they all realise that it is Baba who has come in as husband and then became daughter-in-law to look after mother-in-law. Finally, mother-in-law acknowledges that they are being the true messengers of Sai; they not only preach Love all Serve all but live his message.

The drama ended with reiterating HIS message that the best way to love God is to Love all and Serve all. It was a wonderful drama presentation. The messages were clearly presented to the audience.

Talk Show

A talk show was conducted where in it was discussed how to live with SAI and HIS message in daily life. Especially being woman in family, she caters to the needs of every family member including herself and balance between work and home. Many tips were shared such as having dedicated no-screen time where entire family comes together every day in the evening 6-8 PM to spend time together in doing house chores such as help in cooking and discussing with each other instead of watching mobile or TV.