In hope of alleviating the current drought, the Victoria East Region of the SSIO is organising an extended multi-faith prayer session for rain. They are inviting representatives from different faiths to lead the prayers and encourage people from all faiths to join them in this heartfelt occasion.

All will be aware of the current protracted drought in Australia. Not with-standing the areas that have been recently and devastatingly had the drought broken, the drought is a continuing event having catastrophic consequences for many people and their livestock as well native animals. It directly affects many with their livelihoods and severely affected. This has flow-on effects on many communities and eventually on the urban areas as well. Apart from this there are major ecological consequences as has been vividly displayed by the fish deaths on our river systems.

It is anticipated that faith prayers and ceremonies will be delivered progressively during the event by representatives of the Buddhist, Muslim, Christian and Hindu communities. The Sai organisation will also be having a session and interludes of devotional singing throughout the day. People of all faiths are invited to attend the day as and when they may be able to spare the time. The venue is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shirdi Sai Baba, a revered saint of India.

This will be an event builds on the need for prayer, as well as demonstrating the unity and solidarity of all people coming together with love and tolerance in this wonderful multi-cultural, multi-faith society we have. Recent events demonstrate the need for acceptance, tolerance and love to break down barriers and develop mutual understanding.

Refreshments and lunch will be served during the day. Please come you are very, very welcome.

Event Details

Program: Multi-Faith Rain Prayer – Melbourne
When: Sunday, 31 March 2019
Time: 6.00 am to 1.00 pm
Where: 32 Halley Ave., Camberwell
Refreshments: Morning Tea and lunch will be provided
More Information: Saras 0406 886 848, Sanjay 0409 515 092 or Aru 0411 587 191

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