The emphasis on character building as an important and essential aspect of education has been a corner stone of the education system that Sathya Sai Baba developed. It focuses on the importance of human values as a latent and an integral part of our human nature and the need to foster these to bring out our true humanness. These are Love, Peace, Truth, Non-violence and Right Conduct. An inaugural newsletter covering recent activities and projects in promoting SSEHV in Zone 3 of the SSIO is available for download HERE.


The understanding and practice of Sathya Sai Education in Australia is achieved through the training offered by the Institute of Sathya Sai Education Australia (ISSEA), the Sathya Sai College and the Education and Devotional Wings of SSIOA.

The ISSEA develops and implements many of the range of SSEHV activities. These include amongst others, a Values Parenting programme, taking EHV to the Community, taking SSEHV to the professions and assisting the Sathya Sai College to be a model School for integrating Values Education within the standard curriculum. Support is also provided to the Australian Government Values Education Programme for Australian schools.

Members and children of SSIOA benefit from Sathya Sai Education through Sai Spiritual Education which is offered to the children from the age of four to eighteen, Study Circle and Sai Lifestyle Programmes to mention some.

The first SSEHV ZONE 3 Newsletter published in November 2018 has some highlights from Sai National Education Conference 2018 held in Murwillumbah at Sathya Sai College. Also included is ‘Love for Mother Earth’ demonstrated by SSE children through a Go Green Workshop in Victoria.