The Sai Medical Unit in conjunction with NSW Region East of the SSIO is running a workshop in June providing information and advice on healthy ageing for people aged 50 and over and carers for the elderly. This community-focused workshop has been conducted successfully at a number of venues around Australia and is an opportunity for all those within the targeted group to gain an insight into a number of health-related issues affecting the elderly. All people, especially those within the target audience are welcome to attend.

The content of the workshops varies from location to location dependent upon the availability of the medical specialist for the events. The workshops are a free educational service which has been widely valued by the participants who have already attended them. The session in Sydney will be addressed by a number of specialists including; a geriatrician, an ENT specialist, a cardiologist, an optometrist, a dietitian, a physiotherapist and a dentist. The spread of disciplines covered promises to ensure a very informative and wide-ranging treatment of health-issues for the elderly.

Event Details

Program: Healthy Ageing
Designed for:Those people aged 50 and over and carers of the elderly
When: Sunday, 30 June 2019
Time: 11.00 am to 4.00 pm
Where: Newcastle Vedic Centre, 1 Arthur St., Cardiff South
More Information:Yogan – 0422 094 015 or Kalpana – 0490 607 711
Lunch:A vegetarian lunch will be provided

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