The Young Adults Program of the SSIO Australia has been successfully coordinating a blood, plasma and platelets donation drive for the last few years. Each year it gets bigger and bigger and the number of regular donors increases. Blood donations are a life-saving activity and one which requires only a little time and little inconvenience, yet the outcomes can be so beneficial to many in critical need. This is truly an expression of love for our fellows when we give blood.

The blood donation drive is in association with the local Australian Red Cross Blood Service branches. The drive is an annual event for the SSIO and is particularly focused on all our SSIO members who have the ability to give blood or related products. The drive will run from 23 June until 23 November 2019; the dates of the leadup to Guru Poornima and Sathya Sai Baba’s birthday. Whilst the drive is for a limited period, all members are encouraged to become regular donors as blood donations are required year round and after the experience of the first donation, most find it an easy thing to do.

Last year’s drive resulted in 718 donations being made with the potential to save 2154 lives. This achievement attracted an award from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (See report). If possible, we would like to see this number exceeded over the next drive period. 33% of Australians require a blood donation at some point in their life. However, only 3% of the population donate. One donation can save three lives and hence by ensuring that you make liquid love a regular habit in your life, you can potentially save dozens of lives after just a few months of donating.

Bookings to make a donation can either be organised through our Guru Poornima Coordinators, whereby registration is required here –


Or blood donation appointments can be made directly here via the Red Cross

Make sure you donate under the Red25 Organisation – Sathya Sai International Org. of Australia – Liquid Love Project to ensure the statistics are available for the drive.

Please give the gift of life-savings love.

Event Details

Program: Liquid Love – 2019
When: 23 June 2019 to 23 November 2019
Time: Bookings by appointment, see above
Where: A Red Cross Australia Blood Donor Location near you
More Information: Sudha (0433 449 386) or Subi (0425 362 175)

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