Guru Poornima is a day dedicated to the Guru, a term referring to one who is both a teacher and guide in the spiritual life; the one who reveals the purpose of life and gives guidance on how to realise it. It is a day to express love, reverence and gratitude to your personal guide and those great teachers of the past who reveal the essential knowledge towards spiritual evolution. This year it falls on 16 July.

Guru Poornima is a day observed by practitioners of the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions, although it may be observed on different dates. The term guru is often loosely used, but for the importance of the task involved, to lead a spiritual aspirant towards the Godward path and life’s fulfillment, the guru should be able to teach from personal experience of the final destination and help avoid the pitfalls along the way.

Although the SSIO is a spiritual organisation and not a religious one, many of its members observe Guru Poornima and dedicate this day especially to Sathya Sai Baba who has been instrumental in guiding and instructing us for many years on the Godward path as well as how to lead a purposeful life and one that has a constructive and supportive role in society.

Sai Baba has advised that the best guru, the true Guru, is God Himself and that we can all access His guidance by listening to that inner voice that directs us as to what is right and wrong for us. This is a skill that needs to be practiced and discrimination needs to be used to determine what is the inner voice and what may be just our desires prompting us into ways that are not helpful.

‘Contact your own reality in the silence that is created by quietening the senses and controlling the mind. There is a Voice that you can hear in that silence. The true witness of your having listened to that Voice is your behaviour. A tree is held and fed by the roots that go into the silence-earth. So also, if the roots go deep into silence of your inner consciousness, your spiritual blossoming is assured…Silence is the only language of the realised.
Baba The Breath of Sai. P 63

Different units of the SSIO throughout Australia will be holding special meetings celebrating Guru Poornima. Flyers are available for some. You may also contact local groups through the LOCATIONS link on the Home Page to find out what is happening locally.

Some units are also completing special service projects and other activities as a lead up to the celebration. These are separately posted on our website.

All are welcome to attend the celebrations and other activities.

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