South Australia Region of the SSIO is contributing a spiritually-based program to an Adelaide community radio. Styled ‘Good Morning S.A.I.’ the program is presenting a multi-faith examination of a number of spiritual topics drawing on people from a wide range of backgrounds, experience and knowledge.

Good Morning S.A.I., where the initials stand for Service, Adoration and Illumination, or the three principal spiritual paths of Selfless Action, Devotion and Wisdom, is programmed every Saturday morning. It commenced operations nearly two months ago and the programs have all been very interesting and informative. Topics have covered a range of topics, for example, meditation and Mindfulness, exploration of the Human Values in action and information about some of the activities of the SSIO, including its contributions towards disaster relief. The program runs for 30 minutes and incudes some delightful music. A very good way to start the day.

Event Details

When: Saturday Morning
Time: 7.30 am
Radio Station: Multicultural Radio, 5EBI 103.1
Live online address:
More information:

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