Clean Up Australia Day is an annual, national community event occurring on the first Sunday in March. The day is dedicated to responsibly cleaning rubbish in local environments, whether suburban or rural, parks, beaches, creeks, ……wherever volunteers can make a difference. The SSIO has been supporting this initiative for many years.

This is an important service activity in which the young and youths enthusiastically join in with the adults in the collection and removal of all the thoughtlessly-discarded rubbish which blights our local areas. Various regions and groups of the SSIO around the country organise activities in which all are encouraged to join in. Clean Up Australia Day falls on Sunday, 1 March this year. Please refer to the flyers and videos available for different areas below to find out where you can assist. Please note the requirements of what to wear and bring with you for a safe and enjoyable day. If no flyer is available, refer to the LOCATIONS link to contact a local group to see if an activity is available in your area.

The day is one in which we can show our gratitude to the beautiful places we call home, for all that it provides and make them more beautiful and enjoyable. It also is a way of instilling worthwhile qualities of respect and caring for the environment in the young people who join in this admirable activity. It is also a great way to join with others in an often fun-filled day of camaraderie.

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