Whilst the SSIO is a spiritual organisation with no particular affiliation with a specific religion, it honours the teachings of all the major religions seeking to find the shared ideals. It also seeks to encourage a sense of brotherhood of man within a Unity of Faiths by observing some of the various religions’ holy days. This year, members of the NSW Region West Young Adults will be using Ramadan, a holy time of Islam, to devote the period as one of sacrifice.

The members are encouraged to give up something of value to them during this period. The purpose is to practice discipline, self-control, sacrifice and to feel empathy for those less fortunate. This forms part of wider spiritual plan styled DARE. A program being adopted for the next two years. DARE is designed to strengthen spiritual practice and resolve. It stands for:

  • D – Devote yourself to the Master – Follow the Master
  • A – Annihilate bad habits – Face the Devil
  • R – Resist temptation to give up – Fight to the End
  • E – Expand with Love – Finish the Game.

Details of the Ramadan Program

When:             From Sunset on Thursday, 23 April to Sunset on Saturday, 23 May 2020.

Contacts:        Gopi Iyer, 0422 798 490 or Lali Raveendran, 0425 622 107

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