NSW Region West of the SSIO Australia is commemorating the 95th Year of the Advent of Sathya Sai Baba with two special service activities: a Birthing Kit promotion and a prolonged Ceiling on Desires initiative.

The 23rd November is the anniversary of the birth of Sathya Sai Baba, the founder and spiritual guide of the members of the SSIO. During his time with us, he advocated a number of activities that would lead to spiritual development as well as building a better, more caring society. At the forefront of these activities is service; selfless service to man, our shared lifeforms and the natural environment. Service that is given as to God with no attachment to the outcomes, recognition nor rewards.

A further program he advocated was Ceiling on Desires. Desires are insatiable, with, as each is satisfied more arise. Desires rarely give lasting satisfaction and often when obstructed lead to unrest and negative emotional and mental responses. Desires often lead to an absence of peace, can become obsessive and are in general detrimental to spiritual development. His program focused on specific areas as a means of examining our mental behaviour and giving us the opportunity to modify it.

As a lead-up to the anniversary date, NSW West Region has decided to concentrate on assisting the Birthing Kit Foundation with the assembly of Birthing Kits for distribution to areas around the world which don’t have the same levels of health care available. These are places where childbirth is a dangerous experience for both mother and child. Each kit costs little but has the possibility of saving two lives. Full details can be obtained from the contacts below as well as the Birthing Kit Foundation via their website. This is a worthy activity that the SSIO has assisted in with its various units throughout Australia over several years.

The Ceiling on Desires program is a challenge for participants to look at their desires and place a ceiling on specific areas over the 95 days leading up to the anniversary date. Suggested areas are contained on the flyer available below.


 When:                                     From 27 June to 30 September 2020

More Information:                 Please contact Sharma 0450 601 214 or Sakthi 0406 679 982