There is an expression, ‘plant a tree for your grandchildren’. The trees we plant generally develop their full grandeur and potential well beyond the life of those who plant them. However, even during our short span, they provide numerous services to humankind and the entire natural environment: shade; climate amelioration, global and local; habit and air services to name a few, not to mention their aesthetic appeal. The SSIO Australia will again participate in the national tree planting drive.

Australia’s National Tree Day, founded by Planer Ark and Olivia Newton-John in 1996, is Australia’s largest community tree planting single-day event. This year it falls on Sunday, 2 August. The SSIO has supported this valuable environmental initiative for many years and is encouraging its members once again to do so this year.

COVID 19 restrictions have impacted on many events, and National Tree Day is no exception. No official tree planting events are scheduled by Planet Ark this year because of the many difficulties about working around group restrictions and the desire to keep people safe. The day is being promoted as an opportunity for individuals to plant trees in their own backyards and vegetable gardens rather than the mass planting that often occur. The SSIO Australia, through its Envirocare program, is following this approach as well as smaller suitable community plantings that comply with local constraints. As this is the 95th year of the advent of Sathya Sai Baba, is aiming to get at least 950 of its local members behind this activity.

Collectively, the planting of trees within a neighbourhood have the capacity to change it considerably. They can ameliorate the local climate reducing summer extremes, provide habit and encourage birds and other wildlife into the area and importantly they beautify the urban environment.


 When:                         Sunday, 2 August

More details:              Please contact your local centre President or Regional Envirocare/Service Coordinators for specific information on tree planting sites and times.

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