We all know the earth is in crisis. Climate change, pollution, over-exploitation, habit loss and species extinctions are ever-present reminders of our need to change our behaviours. 2020 marks the 95th year of the advent of Sathya Sai Baba. To mark the occasion, Envirocare Australia, the SSIO’s environmental program, is sharing via 3 videos, ideas of 95 potential green pledges we can all take to make a positive change for the environment.

Sai Baba reminded us on many occasions of the need to have respect for our. Mother Earth and to have gratitude for all she gives us. He enjoyed us to practice a Ceiling on our Desires to live more sustainably as well as benefit our spiritual growth. The Envirocare program has its aims of making us more aware of the way we interact with the earth and to encourage us to individually be the change we all know must occur to reverse the detrimental trends now occurring.

The first two videos produced of the 3-part series of ideas of green pledges suggested by SSIO Australia members are available for viewing now.

Part 1: Green Ideas 1 – 35

Part 2: Green Ideas 36 – 65