The Sai Medical Unit, a team of health professionals within the SSIO, following on the success of a number of events and seminars run for the previous year’s Women’s Health Week, are broadening their approach to include men’s health issues in this year’s activities. In keeping with COVID restrictions, they are providing two online webinars focusing on mind and heart-related matters.

The webinars details follow:

“Men in White: Being a Sai Man”

Covers: Men’s health topics and tips for a healthy mind – A Sai perspective.

When:             Saturday, 5 September.

Time:               7.00 – 8.30 pm AEST

“At the Heart of the Matter”

Covers: Nurturing a healthy heart – physically and mentally.

When:             Sunday, 13 September.

Time:               7.00 – 8.30 pm AEST

Contact: Ashok (0412 547 532) or Parvin (0422 984 596)