Whilst service to the community is one of the main drivers of the SSIO, another aspect of service is a commitment to respect and support of our Mother Earth for all she provides. A large range of service activities are undertaken by individual regions and groups of the SSIO within Australia. To further awareness and provide opportunities, the following initiatives are highlighted. Rydalmere NSW centre has a number of sustainability projects in place that provide examples of what can be undertaken on an ongoing basis by individuals and as a group activity.

Under the banner of our Envirocare projects that focus on the environment enrichment and sustainability, Rydalmere NSW Centre has 5 projects in hand.

Redcycle – Recycling of soft plastics, (e.g. plastic wrappers, bags etc).

Return and Earn – Eligible liquid containers can be recycled and where facilities exist, a deposit refund collected. Of course, recycling these items whether there is a financial incentive or not is a must.

Bread Tags for Wheelchairs – Collection of bread tags that are used by a charity to raise funds for wheelchairs. A great way to remove otherwise discarded plastic from landfill.

Lids 4 Kids – Bottle cap lids are collected to be converted into prosthetic hands for children. Another way of recycling otherwise discarded plastic.

Thirst Quenchers – Undertaking the construction and maintenance of a shallow pool to provide drinking water for bushfire affected wildlife.