The Sai Young Adults Team of Australia have been instrumental in putting together a series of podcasts based on a number of seminal discourses delivered by Sathya Sai Baba in 1990. The first series of podcasts covered Sai’s explanations of the body and our identification with it, primarily from a spiritual perspective. The second series of podcast, now available, covers the role and workings of the mind and the senses, critical aspects of our humanity and determinants in our success in the spiritual quest.

The discourses covered by the podcasts were delivered in May 1990 and are available in a book, ‘Summer Showers in Brindavan – 1990’. This book has been held in very high regard ever since as a handbook on advanced spirituality by many serious spiritual seekers.

The podcasts are specially designed for young adults and range in listening time from a few minutes up to about 30 minutes. They sequentially cover each of the individual discourses often building on concepts from earlier discourses and work well as a complement to the original print version of each of the entire discourses.

The flyer attached gives a little more detail.

The podcasts can be found by searching DEAR Sai on Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts or any other podcast catcher, or use the link contained on the flyer to go directly to Spotify.