Liquid Love! Thoughtful and Selfless.  A service opportunity that is triggered by pure love! 
Your donation can save three lives!

Liquid Love is the title adopted for an annual blood donation drive promoted by the Young Adults program of the Sri Sathya Sai International Organisation of Australia & PNG and has been run for quite some years. The drive is now timed to commence on the anniversary of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s leaving His physical body. The drive is a very fitting service project as it embraces so many of the principles that Sri Sathya Sai taught and was an example of; unconditional love, selfless service and compassion for the needy. It is also a service that He specifically endorsed saying;

‘Whenever there is a need for blood donation, you should come forward and donate.’

(SSSS vol. 37, 1/1/2004).

Just one blood or plasma donation has the capacity to save several lives. One in three people in Australia is likely to need a blood donation during their life. This could be a family member, friend or workmate. However, only about 3% of the population gives blood. This drive is to encourage more to support the Australian Red Cross maintain its vital service to the Australian community by either becoming a new donor or by becoming a more regular donor.

Donations are made at local Australian Red Cross facilities, usually by making an appointment with them.

Our members are encouraged to register their donation with the Red Cross under SATHYA SAI INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION LIQUID LOVE PROJECT

More details of the importance of drive and blood donating is available HERE.

Flyers covering the drive are available HERE.

For more details, contact may be made with,

Nihilesh 0499 048 088, Sai Rupa 0433 474 027 or Dharrini 0468 647 679