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eBook: ‘Children of Immortality’

The loss of a dear one can trigger an uncontrollably emotional and draining period in one’s life and a search for meaning and understanding. ‘Children of Immortality’ is an exploration of the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba on loss and grief. This work goes a long way in providing a much sought-after resource. It is a valuable collection of wisdom sayings on loss and grief, each one taking us a step further towards the treasured goal: how to acknowledge, understand and transmute those life-changing emotions triggered by the loss of someone dear.

The following are a few short extracts for the Forward and Introduction in the book.

From the Forward:

We get a sense of the depth and beauty of this valuable book in the title itself: ‘Children of Immortality’. We are all immortals, children from a bliss-filled source, dispassionately yet compassionately observing the ripples, undercurrents and tidal waves of loss and grief which assail these human forms in which we reside.

When grief comes our first reaction is like that of a fish out of water – we struggle and strain, exhausting ourselves in a desperate search for some diminishing of our pain. Throughout the unfolding pathos, the immeasurable and timeless Witness within us all waits silently and patiently for the culmination of our fervent endeavours. Somehow, by God’s grace or mysterious design, we are relieved of some of our aching emptiness, and we taste once more a drop of the liquid gold of our inherent peace, love and joy.

From the Introduction by the book’s compilers:

This piece of work is a representation of Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings on grief and loss, which we hope will assist and support spiritual seekers through any time of loss.

We are two mothers who have lost our sons and through this experience have been prompted to seek out these teachings to guide and inspire us on this journey.

We would like to share these words of wisdom and comfort from this spiritual teacher, who brings to us the ancient truths of Vedanta.

We are aware that there are many souls who are confronted with losses of various kinds and we offer these words to the Divine who resides in the heart of each one of us.

The kinds of losses to which we refer are losses of health, marriage, relationship, employment, finances, identity, faith, belief system, culture and many more.

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