National Young Adult Retreat

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Aum Sri Sai Ram Young Adults of Australia!

You are warmly invited to the National Young Adults Retreat 2024 (NYAR24) at the Sathya Sai College.

Swami instructed us in a discourse on 21 November 1990 that we can purify the mind only through Service to Society, through thinking (of the) unity of all the human beings.

With this as the central focus and aim of the NYAR24, we implore you to grasp this opportunity with your two serving hands. We have been given the strength, energy and Youth from our Dearest Sai, so lets come together and use it.

Our Sadhana Program aims to empower us to fortify our mental and physical wellbeing. This Retreat offers a platform for all Young Adults to share our love for Swami and be inspired by each other. The program highlights service, interactive workshops, music and much more.

So get ready to BLISS at the NYAR24!

The National Young Adult Retreat 2024 is set to be a 3 day Sai YA service and devotional retreat. All YAs may register to attend and to stay on campus at the Sathya Sai College.

Registration costs: $65 and is inclusive of accommodation on campus as well as transportation.

If you are interested in attending the retreat but have any queries prior to registering please contact the registration team via or your RYAC.

Frequently Asked Questions